Apr 012015

You may or may not have read this example about three hairs, but I wanted to share it here in hopes you can use it when you hit a roadblock in your work-in-progress, or agent search, or can’t make the timeline fit the plot…whatever stops your creativity. As far as I know, the author is unknown. I’ve seen several variations. Continue reading »

Mar 042015

March always makes me think of all things Irish. In fact, I’ll be traveling to Ireland in May to learn a little more about my Irish roots. And though I’ve never actually seen a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, I believe there is one. Not an actual pot filled with real gold coins and guarded by a little man in a green pointed hat, but a treasure, nonetheless. The treasure depends on how you perceive the little things in life. Continue reading »

Feb 042015

“What does coconut have to do with writing?” Well, I’m here to answer your question.

You see, I have a serious dislike for coconut in any shape or form. It’s just not something I want in my mouth. There’s something about the texture that reminds me of chewing string. But that’s just me. I know scads of people who enjoy coconut cake, coconut cream pie, coconut in cookies and candy. Just like reading, it’s a matter of taste. And isn’t it great that our preferences don’t have to be the same as everyone else’s? We don’t need to apologize just because our tastes in pies are different. Same advice goes for what we write and what we read. Different tastes are fine. So, don’t let that keep you from writing – or reading – what you love. Eating pie and reading a book should both give you pleasure.

Coconut Pie 2 Continue reading »

Jan 072015


If Wishes Were Horses My Barn Would Be Full

Happy New Year, y’all.  Seems it’s that time of year again. You know, the time for making those lists of resolutions you are positive you will keep. Uh-huh, sure you will. Hey, I’m not saying your intentions aren’t good ones, but are they realistic? Did you keep all your resolutions from last year?

Know what? It’s taken me a long time, but I finally realized all the lists in the world won’t accomplish my resolutions for me. Nope! That’s up to me. Today on Facebook I read a post that opened my eyes to what I really need to help me stay on track. Instead of a list of resolutions on a piece of paper that’ll end up buried under a pile of unfiled folders and sticky notes full of research scribbles, what I need is a Finish It list. Thank you, Facebook Friend Danielle, for this awesome suggestion.

Finish It 2 Continue reading »

Dec 032014


There’s nothing like waiting for a brand new book to be released to make me think about chasing dreams and facing fears. No matter if it’s the first book or fourth, I always worry whether or not readers will like it. Will they even buy it? Will it be received with kudos or thumbs down reviews? There are lots of reasons I’m fearful about writing, but one in particular has bird-dogged me since I sold my first book—the fear of aging too fast to finish all the books I want to write. I’d been chasing my dream for a mighty long time before it finally became a reality. Was I too old now to continue the chase? Continue reading »

Nov 052014


Did y’all get an extra hour of sleep when we turned our clocks back Saturday night? Really? I guess my body didn’t get the memo, ‘cause I woke up same as always, only it was an hour earlier. Go figure. I tried staying in bed with my eyes shut, hoping I could sleep that extra hour, but no luck. I’m pretty sure I wrote an entire novel in my mind while I lay there. Couldn’t remember a word of it when I finally rolled out of bed, though. Gone. Pffft! What was probably my only chance for a NYT best-seller disappeared faster than dandelion fluff in a windstorm. Yep. Gone with the wind.

DaylightSavings Continue reading »

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