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Did y’all get an extra hour of sleep when we turned our clocks back Saturday night? Really? I guess my body didn’t get the memo, ‘cause I woke up same as always, only it was an hour earlier. Go figure. I tried staying in bed with my eyes shut, hoping I could sleep that extra hour, but no luck. I’m pretty sure I wrote an entire novel in my mind while I lay there. Couldn’t remember a word of it when I finally rolled out of bed, though. Gone. Pffft! What was probably my only chance for a NYT best-seller disappeared faster than dandelion fluff in a windstorm. Yep. Gone with the wind.


So what did I gain by having that extra hour in my day? Frustration, that’s what. I’ve wasted more than an hour trying to recall my brilliant mental manuscript. Not gonna happen, folks. But there was a lesson learned. There are simply some things I can’t control. Wasting time on them gets me nowhere. I could’ve used that extra hour in a more positive way – by working on promo for my upcoming cozy mystery release, Bringing in the Thieves, or working on Book #2 of The Joyful Noise Mysteries series. And there is always plenty of chores around the house to do – cooking, cleaning, laundry.

Any one of those choices would’ve been a lot more productive than trying to recall a dream that obviously wasn’t important enough to stick around. So now I’m writing this blog and when it’s finished, I’ll work on Book #2 instead of wasting time chasing pipe dreams. Like most of the stuff I’ve misplaced, that dream will show up eventually.

I’m realistic enough to know that part of my problem is procrastination, but I refuse to let a single, sixty-minute block of elusive time take over my entire day. I have other things to worry about . . . like who picks which hour we gain or lose, and where does it go, anyway? And what about the parts of the country smart enough to leave their time alone? Just kidding! Instead of worrying about matters I can’t control, I’ve actually started exercising. Yep, I’m doing those Lumosity brain exercises to help my ageing brain cells. I figure that’s time well spent.

So, what did you do with your extra hour? I’m already worrying about the one I’ll lose next spring. Will I ever find it? Is all this stress really necessary?

Until next time (whatever it is), make the most of today because tomorrow it will be yesterday.

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  • “Make the most of today, because tomorrow it will be yesterday.” I love it! Best of luck remembering that NYT bestseller – I’ve had dreams like that before, too. 🙂

    • Hey, Kristen! If you know of a way to recapture that dream, please let me know. I’m sure it was a best-seller! 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  • I won’t tell you what I did with my extra hour, LL . . . actually I will in my IWSG post! But it took a LOT of coffee around the p.m. hours! Can’t wait to read Book #2!

  • Loralee, I know exactly what you mean about wasting that time trying to get back to sleep. If those ideas are hopping, it doesn’t happen. I’ve learned that I might as well get up and at least write down a few of those thoughts. Hope you’re now getting a lot done on that second book in the Joyful Noise series.

  • I feel like there’s never enough time. Social Media and marketing take up so much time that I barely find a few minutes to write. The best days are when I refuse to tweet, or go on FB. That’s when I get most of my writing done!

  • Diane Burton

    I’ve been wondering about that, too, Loralee. I’m waking up an hour earlier but still going to bed at the usual time. Our bodies just don’t understand time changes. I hope you “find” that NYT bestseller. 🙂 Can’t wait to read it.

  • Like you, I woke up long before I needed to. I got up and got a bunch of things done, because I know that once I wake up I’m not going to get back to sleep. Might as well take advantage of it. And because I got those little tasks done so early in the day, I was able to crank out an extra scene, because I had my other stuff done. I used my extra hour, but I’m sure the lack of sleep will catch up with me later! As for your lost scene, I’m sure whatever you come up with will be even better than the dream.

  • I have those same frustrations & questions! I’d be happy if they’d just leave it one way or the other! Who are “they” anyway? LOL I enjoyed the post!

  • Hi Loralee!
    This time change thing is so hard on the body. Time is just a man made tool anyway, it can be tweaked better. I want a 30 hour day. Work and play for twenty at a time and sleep for ten. The sunrise-sunset thing can be dealt with–you know–like Alaska does.

    BTW, I must read Bringing in the Thieves! Can hardly wait.
    All the best, Annette

  • I have faith in you, Lady. When the time is right, you will remember! Love the line – tried staying in bed with my eyes shut. Had a ball reading your post!

  • Ahh, the amazing dreams that seem to give so much clarity and then poof they are gone. Try keeping a pen and paper by your bed it might help for those amazing dreams!

  • Like you, I woke up but then I grabbed a book. I was able to enjoy a book for a bit and relax. I do love that time even though I feel horribly guilty! Enjoy the week!

  • “who picks which hour we gain or lose, and where does it go, anyway?”

    Sounds like a Biscuit question! And a good one. I, for one, get all messed up when that hour is gained or lost. Circadian rhythms or some such thing. Good luck on the upcoming release!

  • I am laughing my butt off, because I too am already worried about the losing an hour thing. I hate the adjustment. Anyway, I have no good advice on how to make yourself do everything that is a better use of time. I always find a hundred things to avoid the stuff that’s smart. laying in bed and trying to hold onto a dream is one. Well good luck!!

  • Angela Wooldridge

    Hi Lora,
    I spent that hour (and the same one over the next 2 days) trying to convince the kids to go back to sleep – looks like your time was better spent 😉
    Maybe if you pretend you’re not bothered that might tempt your dream back?

  • The reason I don’t rush out to add Skyp is because my work room is almost knee deep in paper. No time to file and I thought I was a neat freak. But writing does call you to the table.

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