Hello there! So glad to see you here at Lora Lee’s Joyful Noise Mysteries blog spot. I have a wonderful surprise for you today and I’m so excited about it, I won’t make you wait a minute longer for the excitement. You may know her as the fantastic, award-winning author and my super-duper critique partner, Nancy Gideon, but today she’s here as another equally exciting persona.

Please welcome my awesome writer friend, Dana Ransom, here to share a little about her newest contemporary romance, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. This is a deeply emotional story of two very different people determined to hide behind the protective shields they’ve built around their hearts in order to spare further pain to their wounded souls. Secrets of their pasts keep them from moving forward in their lives, but they’re determined to keep it that way for reasons they refuse to share.

From the beginning of the book, I was totally caught up in the lives of Robin Lee and Kyle Travers. The author’s touching portrayal of the characters inner struggles to keep their guard up against their true feelings made my own heart ache as if I knew the two personally. This is one book that will keep you turning the pages as you follow Robin and Kyle as they learn to discard the pain of their pasts and embrace the healing power of true love.  FROM THIS DAY FORWARD – a story to remember.

Guest Post by Nancy Gideon

Spring’s a time of celebration.  After long months of cold and isolation, those first tentative rays  of warm sunlight coax out  buds of renewal and before you know it, things are blooming and life begins again. That’s exactly what happens when two lost, lonely souls are forced together by another’s happiness and find the strength to start over as one.

I’m thrilled that Amazon has chosen my Dana Ransom contemporary FROM THIS DAY FORWARD as part of their May Big Deal event. Beginning May 8 and running for the next few weeks, this original romance will be available for only $1.99!

From This Day Forward - Cover


Widowed on her honeymoon, Robyn Lee pours all her unfulfilled dreams of a happily-ever-after into her wedding planner business, hiding her own heartbreak by making perfect memories for couples beginning the loving future she was denied. The last thing she needs is for the brother of her dream client–whose endorsement will guarantee Robyn’s success–to rock the boat . . . and her regimented world.

Through the lens of his camera, photojournalist Kyle Travers has witnessed all the ugliness life can offer. Still reeling from the death of his coworker in the field, he sees the frilly job of photographer at his sister’s wedding as an annoyance–until he meets the steely organizer who protects her broken spirit almost as fiercely as he does his own–making him wonder if two fractured halves can make a stronger whole.

My fabulous critique partner (and awesome Southern cozy mystery author in her own right, Bless Her Heart!) has invited me to introduce you to Kyle and Robyn, two broken people who don’t believe love will ever find them again.  And I’m about to prove them wrong.  Today, as a guest of Lora Lee, meet news cameraman Kyle Travers, who thought he’d grown hardened to loss and tragedy until it visited him personally:

Robyn Lee wasn’t the kind of woman who interested Kyle Travers. He preferred his females stacked like a full house with an IQ equal to the sum of those cards. When he looked for a companion, he looked for soft and simple. Nothing challenging, nothing involving, but rather a stimulant for the body and a tranquilizer for the mind that would flush from the system without a trace. He didn’t want a rocket scientist or a surrogate mother. He wanted a few pleasant hours under the covers and he wanted to be gone. No commitments and absolutely nothing messy, like the tears clinging to Robyn’s lashes.

Ms. Lee wasn’t his kind of woman. For one thing, she was all fragile bones and vulnerability. He knew that the first time he’d held her in his arms. A good squeeze would snap her in half. She was delicate porcelain and he liked them stuffed with cotton batting. He liked a little more to latch onto than angular hip bone. She had no rump and no chest to speak of. But she had those wickedly long legs that made a man think of things he shouldn’t. With Robyn Lee, he’d never get past the thinking stage. And that was fine with him.

Because he knew at first glance she wasn’t the kind of woman a man walked away from.

She had that rice paper pale skin and those big dark eyes that sucked a man’s soul from him. An air of beguiling helplessness totally defused by a wide red mouth just right for kissing. She was too smart not to know when a guy wasn’t square with her. She was too complex for a guy looking for an easy time. And no way he could handle complex at the moment. Not that she was about to let him handle anything. She’d stiffened up in his embrace like a cactus leaf and if there was tender sweetness inside, he had no desire to brave the protective spines to find out.

When she looked up at him and those dark eyes swam in misery, all his self-preserving instincts screamed, Bail out fast. You don’t need this now. You don’t need this ever!

And tomorrow, meet Robyn Lee as she visits Loralee Lillibridge At The Back Fence.
Happy spring and Happy Reading!

Author Picture - Nancy Gideon
Nancy Gideon is the award winning author of over 58 romances ranging from historical, regency and series contemporary suspense to paranormal, with a couple of horror screenplays tossed into the mix.  She works full time as a legal assistant, and when not at the keyboard, feeds a Netflix addiction along with all things fur, fin and fowl. She is thrilled to join Belle Books with reissues of her Dana Ransom contemporaries as well as with her “Touch of Midnight” vampire romance series written under her own name for Belle’s ImaJinn Books imprint. Watch for the first three books of the series to return to print and the entire series to be rereleased one-per-month beginning in July 2015 with all new covers.