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Today I’ve been tagged by multi-published mystery writer Maris Soule, to participate in the September Sisters in Crime SinC-Up for bloggers (#SinCBlogHop). Sisters in Crime is an organization for writers of mystery, suspense, police procedurals, thrillers and all other types of whodunits. Interested in writing mysteries? Check out Sisters in Crime to find out more information on joining this worthwhile organization.

About Maris Soule

Author Picture - Maris SouleMaris majored in art in college, but her love of books led her to writing, and her love of happy endings led her to romances. She authored 25 contemporary series romances, including the give-away book for the (then) new Harlequin Temptation line before switching to suspense (with a touch of romance).

Although she grew up in California, a red-head with blue eyes talked her into moving to Michigan (for just two years). Way too many years later, she’s still living in Michigan with the same man, not too many miles away from their two grown children and young granddaughters. (But she does sneak down to Florida for the winter.) Maris is a two-time RITA finalist and a two-time winner of the Write Touch Readers’ Award. Many of her books are still available as paperbacks, hard covers, e-books, and audio. You can find Maris at her Website or at her social media sites.

From the list of questions provided for this bloghop, I chose this one:

  1. Which authors have inspired you?

For introducing the magic of make-believe to me at a very early age, my daddy read Grimm’s Fairy Tales to me before I could read to myself, so I guess my answer to the question would be The Brothers Grimm. From that time on, my imagination took flight and has never settled down. From Nancy Drew to the current best-sellers, I’m fascinated by mystery and romantic suspense. I have so many favorites it’s difficult to pick just one but here are a few most recently added to my very long list.

  1. Hope Clark’s Murder on Edisto and her Carolina Slade mysteries
  2. Donnell Ann Bell’s The Past Came Hunting, Deadly Recall, Betrayed and Shattered
  3. Donna Andrews’ amateur sleuth Meg Langslow series
  4. Nancy Pickard’s The Virgin of Small Plains.

Inspiration comes in all “flavors.” Thrillers, romantic suspense, whodunit to satisfy the darker taste. Cozies also bring another delight to my taste buds. Cleo Coyle’s CoffeeHouse mysteries, Laura Childs’ Tea Shop Mysteries and Julie Hyze’s White House Chef mysteries come to mind. There are enough delicious “foodie” cozies being written to satisfy any palate.

If you’re an animal lover, well, the list of those fun series is too long to count, but I’ve added Sparkle Abbey’s Pampered Pets mysteries to that list for starters. Needless to say, my inspiration has many  to draw from. At the moment, I’m writing cozies but I’m also published in romantic fiction. My imagination is never without a “What if?” Or a “Why don’t I?”

Do you have a list of authors who have inspired you? I know I’ve forgotten some very important ones, so forgive my lapse in memory. I intend to keep on adding to my lists and loving every new addition.

With that in mind, I’ve tagged my friend, Peg Cochran, multi-published, cozy mystery author of three delightful series – The Gourmet De-Lite Series, The Lucille Mystery series, and w/a Meg London, The Sweet Nothings Lingerie Series. She also has The Cranberry Cove Series coming in 2015 and The Farmer’s Daughter Series coming in 2016.  She’ll be adding her SinC blog post on her Blog Tuesday, Sept. 30. Do yourself a favor. Hop over and visit her on Tuesday.  You’re gonna love her books.

About Peg Cochran

Peg CochranPeg grew up in a New Jersey suburb about 25 miles outside of New York City. After college, she moved to the city where she managed an art gallery owned by the son of the artist Henri Matisse. When her first daughter, Francesca, arrive, the new family moved back to the New Jersey suburbs where her second daughter, Annabelle, was born.

After her husband died, Peg remarried and her new husband took a job in Grand Rapids, Michigan where they now live (on exile from New Jersey, she likes to joke). Peg managed to segue from the art world to marketing and is now the manager of marketing communications for a company that provides services to seniors.

Her greatest love though as always been writing – particularly mysteries! She has two cozy mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime: The Gourmet De-Lite series set in Connecticut and featuring Gigi Fitzgerald, who provides gourmet diet meals to a select group of clients, and the Sweet Nothings Vintage Lingerie series, written as Meg London, set in Paris, Tennessee with Emma Taylor who finds murder and mayhem in this quiet country town.

As for pets – she has a schizophrenic cat (really!) named Frazzle and a Westhighland White Terrier, Reggie, who is desperately in need of losing a few pounds. But you know what they say: If your dog is overweight, it means YOU aren’t getting enough exercise!

When she’s not writing, Peg can usually be found cooking, which she loves. When asked to bring a dish to a potluck she invariably opts to bring dessert – partly because she loves making sweet dishes and partly because she and her husband always manage to be late so there’s no point in putting them in charge of appetizers!

Peg loves connecting with readers and other writhers so feel free to drop her an email via her contact page! And be sure to visit her other site at

  • More new books to add to my virtual “to read” stack! At this rate, I’ll never find time to write. Thanks for the great post, Loralee! 🙂

    • Kristen, I’m sooo happy you stopped by. I know you’ll love all the new books to add to your stack. Be sure to check out the other blog hoppers to find more new authors!


  • Awesome learning more about you! I love mystery books and hope sometime to be able to figure it out on my own!

  • I’ve been enjoying the blog hop and meeting other mystery writers. I do love your website and blog. I came over from Maris’s blog and just had to check out another Texas lady. I’m formerly from Michigan and came to TX many moons ago. How is that for ironic? (smile)

  • This prompted me to peruse about half of The Drowning Pool – 133 pages or so – to see how many similes I could count. (I’m using the Vintage Crime Black Lizard edition from May 1996). I counted thirty four and no doubt missed a few. I haven’t done the legwork, but I think some of the later books might have a slightly higher ratio. That’s a lot, but in any case I would argue that many of Macdonald’s similes are so strong that they infinitely enrich the work. Not only that – they are so strong that they put many “serious” writers of fiction to shame.

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